翻译 无尽的未知 成就先行



Surprise! (5 points) (出其不意)
Attack the enemy without being detected. (在没被发现的情况下攻击敌人)

Blitzkrieg (10 points) (兵者,诡道也)
Keep on surprising the enemy. (在没被发现的情况下多次攻击敌人)

Infinitely Unobservant (10 points) (身陷敌阵)
Keep on getting surprised by the enemy. (被敌人突然攻击)

Groundbreaking (20 points) (步战)
Work on your ground combos. (注重于地面普通连击)

Aerial Acrobat (20 points) (空中作业)
Work on your aerial combos. (注重于浮空连击)

Down to Earth (20 points) (追加伤害)
Work on your down strikes. (注重于追加伤害的连击)

Stalwart (30 points) (勇冠三军)
Learn every battle skill. (习得所有战斗技能)

Sagacious (30 points) (大法师)
Learn every spell. (习得所有魔法)

Artistic (30 points) (艺术大师)
Learn every tune. (习得所有曲谱)

Compulsive (50 points) (为了道具图鉴)
Obtain every item. (获得所有珍贵道具)

Mister Chef (5 points) (今天我掌勺)
Improve your cooking skills! (锻炼你的烹饪技能)

Claridian Chef (10 points) (美食总动员)
Keep improving your cooking skills! (继续锻炼你的烹饪技能)

Aspiring Chemist (5 points) (炼金术士)
Improve your alchemy skills! (锻炼你的炼金术技能)

Claridian Mind (10 points) (点石成金)
Keep improving your alchemy skills! (持续锻炼你的炼金术技能)

Goldsmith (5 points) (见习工匠)
Improve your forging skills! (锻炼你的锻造技能)

Claridian Hammer (10 points) (鲁班再造)
Keep improving your forging skills! (持续锻炼你的锻造技能)

Bestselling Author (5 points) (新书上架)
Improve your writing skills! 写作技能)

Claridian Scribe (10 points) (畅销书)
Keep improving your writing skills! (持续锻炼你的写作技能)

High Enchanter (5 points) (摄魂)
Improve your enchanting skills! (锻炼你的施法技能)

Claridian Hand (10 points) (传说中的尤里??)
Keep improving your enchanting skills! (持续锻炼你的施法技能)

Social Butterfly (10 points) (交际花)
Take advantage of your party\’s skills. (灵活利用队友的技能)

Filthy Rich (20 points) (富可敌国)
Gather as much Fol as you can. (尽可能多的收集Fol)

Hero of the Millennium (20 points) (一骑当千)
Defeat as many enemies as you can. (尽可能多的消灭敌人)

Time for Glasses? (30 points) (时间机器)
Keep on clocking hours. (让时间继续流逝)

Barrel of Lulz (15 points) (一触即发)
Detonate all the barrels in prison. (在监狱内引爆所有的炸药桶)

On the Run (30 points) (杀出个黎明)
Deliver Aya to the village without getting hurt. (在Aya没有受到伤害的情况下把他送回村子里)

Rock, Stock, and Barrel (30 points) (人间兵器)
Use machines of war to destroy your foes. (用神奇的秘密武器消灭敌人)

Capell to the Rescue (30 points) (火线营救)
Rescue the imprisoned. (营救所有的罪犯)

Guardian (30 points) (护卫)
Deliver the villagers without letting any of them perish. (在所有村民都不死亡的情况下护送他们回到目的地)

For the Children (30 points) (我们的希望)
Rescue the child before he gets hurt.(在孩子受到伤害之前将其救出)

Reckless Driver (30 points) (疯狂矿车)
Use the carts in the mine. (使用矿道中的矿车)

The Tide of Battle (20 points) (战斗狂潮)
Watch out for the tsunami. (注意提防战斗中的特殊事件)

Imperial Guard (20 points) (皇家护卫)
Hurry to the empress. (尽快赶到皇后那里)

Marathon Man (20 points) (分秒必争)
Hurry to the village under attack (尽快赶到惨遭杀戮的村庄那里)

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